My beginning with cooking

 I started cooking since I was 9, I was curious about it. At that time I loved to watch my mother breaking the eggs to cook them, and I wished I could do it myself "crack an egg against another to break it". Also I wondered why I didn't cook while the chicken broth or simple rice could be cooked so easy, I loved cooking so much since then, and I always search for more tastes or make my own recipes with my own flavors.

 I made my own appetizer recipe with my sister when I was 11. It contained "cooked string beans - shredded carrot - turnip pickle - olive pickle", we also made a little garnish to the dish so it looked like 5 stars restaurant dish,  it was really yummy. I may add it to my recipes page.

Do you remember Ratatouille? yes the animation movie "anyone can cook", this one inspired me so much. I wish I can go to Paris one day and learn many great french recipes. and study some cooking courses there like Julia Child.


  1. I think you really love to cook. I have read some of your recipes, hmmm ... I LOVE IT!! i think you're great :)

  2. Thanks so much
    Till now they are not my own recipes, I just tried some of them and found them really delicious so I shared them with people to try them too, but I will add my own recipes soon hopefully :)

  3. look fwd to the pickle recipes on ur recipe page :)

  4. Nothing happens unless first we dream. -Carl Sandburg. I think it great to pursue your dreams and who knows maybe the day will come when you do find yourself in Paris... cooking. I wish you the best.

  5. Thank you so much this is the best comment I've ever had till now, thank you so much for your support :)


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