Arabs Julia

 My husband gave me that name :) because I love food so much just like her (Julia Child), and I love to make something new which I do not like to stick to traditional food. So why not try and put some different flavors together, to give a new flavor which I can enjoy (not always ;) :D but it is good to try) My husband is also like hers, he always encourages me when it comes to my ambitions, even when he is not interested in that thing I wish to do, except for cooking, it is within his circle of interests, he is the one who is going to eat that food, as he likes to put some of his cooking touches sometimes (they are usually such wonderful touches).

Thank you my dear husband ... :)


  1. Awwwwe thats sweet *-*
    Hi name is Ghaida i am from from Saudi Arabia. I came in to ur blog randomlly & i am glad i did. U got SO MANY mouth drooling recipies witch i will be trying and you have a cool writing style. U seem like a sweet girl too and i sended a FB friend invite and i hope u will accipt me :D ...have a nice day i cant wait for more stuff here.

  2. Hello Ghaida, glad you like my recipes and hope you always do. Thanks for stopping by :)


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