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About me من أنا

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أهلاً ومرحباً بكم، جوليا العرب هو اسم مستعار اختاره لي زوجي نسبة إلى الطباخة العالمية جوليا تشايلد، لِما رأى فيّ من فضول لكل ما هو خاص بعالم الطبخ وشغف دائم لتعلم كل ما هو جديد ومفيد في فن الطهي، لكي يشجعني دائماً لتقديم الأفضل.
   أنا أم وطباخة مصرية أُصور لكم وصفات طبخ بالخطوات وأكتب لكم كل ما يتعلق بها من نصائح مطبخية لتساعدكم على تحضير الوصفة بنجاح! أحب الطبخ جداً منذ طفولتي عندما كنت أساعد والدتي في المطبخ، بدأت أساعدها في عمل بعض الأطباق كالأرز وشوربة الدجاج منذ كان عمري 9 أعوام. وكان أول طبق من ابتكاري وأنا في عمر 11 عام وهو طبق مقبلات لذيذ جداً قمت بتحضيره أنا وأختي وأعجبنا كثيراً. كنت دائماً أحب مشاهدة والدتي وجدتي في المطبخ. جدتي  رحمها الله هي مثلي الأعلى في الطبخ وكل ما يتعلق به حيث كنت أستمتع بكل الوصفات التي تعدها وأحب رائحة منزلها المعبقة بروائح الخَبز، القُرَص والفطير ومربى العنب اللذيذة ورائحة الزبدة والقشدة والعديد والعديد من الوصفات اللذيذة التي نحبها جميعاً. أمي أيضاً لها العديد من الوصفات اللذيذة التي كنت أحب متابعتها وهي تحضرها وكنت أحب جداً شكل وصوت تقطيع الأعشاب كالبقدونس والشبت، والصوت الناتج عن هذا التقطيع كان يثير بداخلي شغف الطبخ والفضول لمعرفة كيفية تحضير الوصفات بنفسي وتقطيع الأعشاب أيضاً، كما كنت أحب كسر البيض لعمل الكيك والحلوى كان أيضاً إحدى الأشياء المثيرة للشغف في صغري هذا الصوت عندما تنكسر البيضة وبشكل عجيب يخرج شيء مختلف عن القشرة داخل الطبق! D:

   أحب أن أُنوِّع في أصناف الطعام وأخلط مذاقات مختلفة لأصل للمذاق الأنسب في النهاية بأدق المقادير لأشارككم هذا المذاق اللذيذ بعمل وصفات بالخطوات المصورة، حتى وأضع أمامكم الشكل الذي يجب أن تكون عليه كل خطوة لتتأكدوا من اتباعكم الوصفة الصحيحة.

    أسعد جداً بثقتكم الغالية وحين أعلم أن هناك وصفة قمتم بعملها من وصفاتي وأعجبتكم، وأسعد بمشاركتكم لي صور تطبيقاتكم لوصفاتي على الفيسبوك هناأتمنى أن أكون دائماً محل ثقتكم بأفضل الوصفات المصورة وأدق المقادير :)

Hello and welcome to my blog, "Julia Al Arab" or "Arab's Julia" is a nickname that my husband gave me referring to Chef Julia Child to encourage me doing my best! For what he has seen in me, my passion for food & cooking and the continuous eagerness to learn new things in cooking art everyday!
I'm a mother and home cook from Egypt, I'm a food blogger, I take step by step photos of what I cook and write down tips for every recipe so you can make it easily and guarantee success for the first time you try to make it! I love cooking since I was a child. At the age of 9 I was helping my mother making simple dishes like steamed rice or chicken broth. The First recipe that I came up with was at the age of 11, it was a delicious appetizer that I made with my younger sister and we loved it!
I always loved to watch my mother and my grandmother in the kitchen. Speaking of cooking and baking, my grandmother is my role model! I loved all her recipes, loved the smell of her house, the grape jam, Feteer, butter, cream, and the delicious Egyptian koras she used to make (kind of soft bread kneaded with cream and butter, shaped in small rounds Oh Yum! Of course I'm going to post a recipe for it soon!), and many other baking goodness! My mother also has many recipes that I loved; I loved watching her chopping parsley and herbs, it has a special sound that made me feel that I really wanted to try that! I also loved watching her cracking eggs for baking cakes or cooking, really loved that sound and look of the egg falling down beautifully into the bowl! :D
I love to try different flavors to get to the right one for any dish with the right measurements and share it with you with step by step photos so you can see how each step should look like.

It made me really happy when I know that some of you have tried any recipe of mine and loved it! And I would be happier if you could share the photo of any recipe you try from my blog to my facebook page here, I hope I always have your trust in my delicious recipes with the right ingredient measurements! :)

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  1. Dear Julia... I can feel how much you love cooking through your posts and I also love it like you do since chilhood. Though I'm not a professional (I did not study cooking) that's what I do for living. I live in Uruguay (South America), a little country between Argentina and Brazil. Obviously your flavours are totally different from what we're used to and that's what I love most of your blog. Everytime I read you my imagination runs wild towards exotic landscapes through your exotic spices. Today I'll try for the first time one of them: lahmacun. Lahmacun is very well known in my country because there is a rather large eastern community (arabs, aegyptians and armenians above all), but I've never done it before. So wish me luck !! I'll send photos if I can or send comments about them otherwise. Thanks you <3

    1. Hello Nayda,
      Thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad that you love the recipes I post here, cannot wait to read your feedback on Lahmacun! :)
      We all are seeking new flavors, so I would be gald if you shared with me one or of the best dishes you eat, I mean name popular dishes where you live! Thank you for your comment and I wish you the best of luck with lahmacun, don't forget the photos ;) you can also share them on my facebook page, so I can show them to other fans :)

    2. Dear Julia..HOW NICE TO FIND YOUR ANSWER!!! Let me tell you that in opposition to the rest of South American countries, there are practically no native communities neither native traditions in Uruguay. Our population is in a 99% european origined, mostly Spanish and Italian, so we inherited their cook. Pasta with tomatoe's sauce and pizza are part of our daily meals. But undoubtedly the queen of our dishes is MEAT : we're meat producers and meat consumers. Uruguayan meat is one of the best in the world, though not very well known, because we're geographically locate between twoo other giant meat producers: Brazil and mostly Argentine..Roasted meat, a special cut from cow's ribs named ""ASADO"". IS OUR NATIONAL DISH. We simply gather family, friends and neighbours around an open fire with natural national wood and cook it over a parrilla. Bread and some salads make the rest. Our second favorite dish (first for young people) is MILANESA WITH FRENCH FRIES. It's just like a "wienner schnitzel" but we use twice grated bread ( we use no flour). But we not only eat meat : we like offals very much, so our third national dish is a stew of cow's stomach, with pork, beans and vegetables. It`s named CAZUELA DE MONDONGO and is a local version of what in Spain are called "callos". About that dish I'll tell you in next. Meanwhile receive my best regards

  2. Thank you very much Nayda for the information, it's a good thing to have a mixed cuisine, I think that would make so many delicious recipes from here and there, lucky you! :) In Egypt we do have our own cuisine, but we also get inspired by other cuisines from the Middle East , north Africa, and other countries around! Thank you again for your reply, glad to have you here as one of my fans! :)


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